PHOTOS: Miss MUBS continues charity campaign to support less privileged girls

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Miss MUBS 2019/20 Busingye Vanitah Faith has this week continued with her charity campaign aimed at supporting disadvantaged girls across the country.

Miss Vanitah and her team delivered assorted items including disposable masks, liquid soap, and toilet papers to boost the student’s preparedness against the highly contagious coronavirus disease.

She went ahead to thank God for blessing her and providing the means through which she can bless others through sharing.

“All thanks goes to the Lord Almighty for blessing me, my family members, my Pastor Joel, my secretary Hudaya and advisers Sita, Ritah, and Patricia, for being there for me as I have been in this office fr my reign. I thank the MUBS community for being nice to us students as well,” Vanitah mentioned to our reporter.

Miss Vanitah has vowed to continuously empower others and show them that every dream is achievable as long as one is patient, committed, hardworking, and gets the right guidance from friends and peers.

The charity drive comes towards the end of her reign as Miss MUBS, a position she has held for a year.

Miss Vanitah held another one earlier in the year where she delivered scholastic materials to various learners.

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