PHOTO: Kyambogo University student cheats death after thumping from thugs

A Kyambogo University 4th year student identified as Ainomugisha Bright from the faculty of engineering was on Tuesday night ambushed in the dark corner that leads to North Hall from Kyambogo University after his lectures at about 9:00 PM.

Bright was thumped by goons near National Council of Higher Education (NCHE) within the confines of the University.

The clobbered Kyambogo University Ainomugisha Bright

Basing on the photo our snoops landed on, Bright was mercilessly thumped on the head, and it is believed that the thieves made off with the Ainomugisha’s bag containing his phone and some money 

Ainomugisha was immediately rushed to Kyambogo University Medical Centre in an ambulance after the incident where he is currently receiving treatment.

It should be noted that of recent, there have been complaints about the poor security within the Kyambogo based University.


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