Patient arrives at Makerere University dental school and hospital with a witch doctor for backup

Friday afternoon cast a profound dramatic moment into Makerere University dental school and hospital when a patient walked in with a witch doctor.

The patient who had arrived for tooth extraction decided to lay backup strategies just in case the procedure got botched.

In the visuals that cracked the internet, the witch doctor who was clad in their highly regarded noble attire (barkcloth and a crown-like venerated craft on the head) seemed to have had a faceoff with the dentist, Dr Bruno, prior to the procedure.

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Seated at the dental chair side by side like silent chessmen, the two doctors then critically monitored the procedure as it took shape.

There seemed to have been a quiet competition between the two as Dr Bruno carefully executed his extraction prowess in disapproval of the witch doctor’s presence.

The witch doctor too could not wait for him to blow up the procedure so that he (the witch doctor) manifests with his spiritual superiority.

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However, the procedure was successfully conducted but the unfolding of the events throughout did not leave the dental school the same. Students were truly perplexed by the surprise visit of their ancestors.

Mayanja Edrine Isaac

Mayanja Edrine Isaac

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