‘Party after Party’ choir master Big Tril thrills revellers at Dj Snapoff

Kampala revellers were treated to yet another fun-filled DJ Snap Off party at the city’s prestigious hangout spot Guvnor. The Singleton-sponsored event had the ‘parte after parte’ choir master Big Tril entertaining the millennials who came out in multitudes to celebrate the luxury brand night.
The rapper stepped on stage amidst loud screams from his fans and put up an electrifying performance that left the whole house dancing to his tunes with the party anthem song parte after party being their favourite.

The song has in the past few weeks received massive airplay. When asked how he came up with a song that has turned into a household song not only in Uganda but also across borders, Big Tril said that he picked the line from a viral video of Pastor Sempa who was lamenting on how the youth are going for party after party.

“I already had a beat, so when I listened to the party after party line, I immediately hit the studio and recorded the song and I am glad people love it,” said Big Tril.

As it is a culture of the Snap Off Night, the country’s finest DJs spiced up the night entertaining revellers with the best music all night long.


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