Parliament orders interns to vacate immediately

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The administration of the parliament of Uganda has directed interns to leave the building ahead of a cleanup exercise aimed at wiping out the wrong elements. Based on, information obtained from the office of the Director Human resources at the Parliament of Uganda Jackson Kumaketch, he ordered all interns who have been at parliament for more than three months, to vacate the precincts of immediately.

Parliament admits over 100 students for the periods from January-April, and June-August from various universities and other institutions of higher learning to undergoing three months internship program in various fields.

MPs speak out

An MP who spoke on the condition of anonymity stated: “The reason why interns don’t want to leave Parliament is during their interaction with the legislators, they create a relationship to canvass for jobs. Some interns at the completion of their period, are employed as political assistants while others are employed as researchers to various Parliament forums,”

Another MP said “Interns are entitled to daily transport allowances to and from home and free lunch at the Parliament canteen. Some interns get part-time jobs with good pay, for example, some interns got a chance to be recruited in the recently concluded Common Wealth Parliament Conference (CPC).”

The above reasons could explain the overstay of some interns.

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