Opinion: Arresting Lumumba hall raid leader alone isn’t enough – MAK Guild Speaker

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The 85th Guild speaker of Makerere University Ezra Byabutangaza has come out to voice his disappointment in the fact that only the UPDF commander that led the raid on Lumumba hall has been reprimanded for the brutality against the university students. Below is a statement about his perspective of the developments.

Arresting Capt. Richard Lubeere does not make sense as long as Prof. Eria Hisali is lounging freely. On record, it is well known that the military did not come by itself to the university but rather on an invite by a one Prof. Eria Hisali the ISO/SFC commander doubling as DVC.
Prof. Eria Hisali invited the military last December to counter check the growth of People Power support in Makerere university. He then started a witch hunt on student activists with links to the opposition. He at one point abducted 2 students he accused of supporting Bobi Wine. Eria Hisali is the main problem and therefore it is common sense to release Capt. Richard Lubeere to instead arrest his ‘host’. Remember, Hisali was spotted on several expeditions; the raid on the Mitchelex carnival, the raid on Lumumba, etc. Therefore we urge government to deal with the real problem not the puppets.

85th Guild Speaker Makerere University
Prof. Eria Hisali
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