Ooop! Nakiyingi hostel babes caught on camera jumping over the gate after ‘party after party’

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When we talk about campus life, only those that reside in hostels can have a good tale.

Hostel life clearly reflects the what good campus life is only if you don’t go through the daily hassles like being locked out, failing to sleep because of noise from fellow residents or running broke to an extent of failing to get what to eat.

Well, residents of Nakiyingi hostel that were locked out over the weekend will always have a story to tale.

On saturday night at about 4:00 AM, Nakiyingi Hostel residents were spotted jumping over the gate to get in after having a long night at the bar.

Surprisingly, the hostel doesn’t have curfew so it came as a suprise to see students jumping over the gate.

A source has told Campus Cam snoops that the security guard was in slumber land the time the babes arrived at the hostel premises.

Well, here at Campus Cam we condemn such behaviour because life is precious and irreplaceable. We need to be more careful with it.

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