Olympia Hostel Custodian Exposed For Practicing Hyena Tactics On Residents

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For the most part of this week, Custodian of Kikoni’s famous Olympia Hostel in Kikoni, was under fire for applying hyena tactics to students who started a petition in a bid to have him fired.

Here is yet another series of shocking details about this custodian from one of the female residents that has already signed the petition.

“This ruthless insensitive man walked in on me when I was coming from the bathroom in my underwear,” Esther, a resident of Olympia Hostel.

Esther further went ahead to state that very many girls at Olympia have suffered the wrath of the ‘sex pest’, Reuben

“At least one in every ten girls staying at Olympia has been sexually offended by Reuben. This man is not only an arrogant, rude, insensitive, and unjust person but also one who has gone ahead to undermine the wellbeing of not only girls but everyone staying at this hostel,” Esther said.

“Even after getting a room, one is not sure about their stay at Olympia because this man Reuben will come up to you at any time and ask you leave without a satisfying reason to mention but a few… I think it’s high time the management of Olympia discussed the dismissal of this fella and do what’s best for the business and not just an individual. For God and my country,” she continued.

Word on the streets is that Reuben has made many girls feel unsafe contrary to his duty as a custodian. It makes people uncomfortable to even present issues to him because they don’t feel safe at all.

The petition which was started by a one Patricia Mworozi petitioning the owner of the hostel to have the individual dismissed over sexual harassment already has over 489 signatures with only 11 left to hit the target.

Many girls at the hostel still have horrifying tales involving the custodian and they say he can do just anything to take advantage of any girls. Below are some of the confessions under the petition;

Shanitah Ankunda: Because I have seen a friend of mine hide from this man saying she refused to sleep with him and she was scared of him … it broke my heart that someone has to hide instead of speaking up.

Kokas Koyce: Cuz it’s the right thing to do a couple of my friends went thru an encounter with that man I wudnt want any body else to go thru the same.

Ayebale Joshua Martin: He is one that tortures everyone he can recognise that you have a female friend.

Alexandra Kamatsiko: Because Reuben has made girls feel unsafe contrary to his duty as custodian. It makes people uncomfortable to even present issues to him because we don’t feel safe

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