NYEGE NYEGE FESTIVAL returns this week from December 3-6th

City life eater Etania Mutoni crowned Nyege Nyege 'Party After Party' reveller of the year
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Nyege Nyege Festival shows no sign of slowing down, this year amidst a catastrophic year for the music community, Africa’s premier music and art festival partners with NBS, BELL, TALENT AFRICA and SAFE BODA to bring a FREE experience delivered online and to all Ugandans in Kampala and at home.

A new form of the festival that combines online, TV, radio and real life, giving people a chance to feel a bit closer to the feeling they get when they attend their favourite festival.

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Main features 

NBS and NXT Radio invite Nyege Nyege to orchestrate a 3-day fairytale featuring the best in entertainment from Friday to Sunday, produced in partnership with Talent Africa who has managed to bring magic to so many events in the past.

The Nyege Nyege Wonderland transformation will feature live shows with Chameleone, Afrigoband, Cindy, Beenie Gunter, Lamu and a full roster of Nyege Nyege artists and entertainers, the line up counts more than 300 artists!

The shows will also include comedy, international performances from all around the continent and many surprises and chances for crowds to interact. The Nyege Nyege festival will broadcast for more than 20 hours on NBS TV as they take over the Katch Up, SNL and Late Chat shows.

SAFE BODA and BELL Lager will cater to Ugandans at home, presenting a special Nyege food court and bar, where restaurants from all over town will deliver special menus and party platters to Nyege audiences, including the likes of Yo Hot Dawg, Kapital Pizzeria, Pepe Flame Grilled Chicken, Jedi Pork.

From the morning katogo to the afternoon pork, from the smoothies to the cocktails, there will be something for everyone. The bar will, of course, be open and the UBL shop on the safe boda app will deliver all drinks.

On top of that, Bell is offering surprise party bags through different activities, as well as discounted drinks to keep the party popping till the early hours.

SAFE BODA will also deliver DJs, hair stylists, tattoo artists, mixologists, makeup artists and so many more surprises. If someone located the Nyege Boda in Kampala, they take a snap and stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

Call to action

Order from Nyege Nyege bar and food court on the SafeBoda app and SafeBoda will deliver from some of the nicest restaurants in town including UBL shop amongst many others.

350 artists will participate in this online festival experience like no other, 35 countries will be represented, with a central theme of African Unity. The whole world will be watching as an internationally acclaimed superstar DJ Kampire will open the festival from the source of the Nile.

Full program to be revealed over the weekend, but guests are already asked to register and get familiar with the new Nyege Nyege hub on www.nyegenyege.com

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BELL Lager is this year’s lead sponsor of the festival, despite a catastrophic year Bell realized that Ugandans were missing the Bell Jamz vibe, and that is why they turned to Nyege Nyege to deliver an experience that will bring joy and happiness to tens of millions of Ugandans. Bell has promised to reward the die-hard fans with a lot of exciting gifts.

This year was set to be the festival’s biggest year, with artists losing over 120 shows and the festival shut down, Nyege Nyege had to step up and reinvent itself, the same way other festivals like Coachella and Tomorrowland have proven that “the party is where you are”, and thanks to Ugandan brands that want to offer joy and happiness to their followers, Nyege Nyege seemed like the obvious partner to create the impossible: A festival that comes into your home!

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