New details about the MUBS rape case emerge

mubs nakawa
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After unrelated facts surrounding the MUBS rape case, we took up and investigative gesture.

We have reliably learnt that their was no rape case and it was instead a conman’s scheme.

In a conversation with the Guild President, Romulus Tusingwire he told our reporter that the rape case was instead a conman at work. “This scheme was possible because the conman works at a photocopier in campus so this was quite believable to all of us. The guy managed to fool everyone including the press.” He stated.

“Today on trying to reach the hospital, we couldn’t reach him hence we crosschecked with the academic registrar and there was no student with corresponding names.” He further highlighted.

“A police case has been filed and a search mounted for the culprit.
He is to refund all the money he had collected.” Stated OC MUBS, Afande Kato.

The news had caused distress and strife but the individual in question is said to have had a loan that was pending.

More details are still being gathered, attached is the image of the individual in question.

We shall keep you posted.

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