NBS TV was bribed to protect the administration – Makerere University striking students

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Since Tuesday, students at Makerere University have been protesting the 15% Tuition Policy by the administration that would see Tuition fees increasing by 75% in the next 5 years.

The protests have been characterised with violence, tire gas, torture among others .

These incidences have largely been reported by all interested media houses. However, a section of students have pointed at NBS TV for reporting the contrary.

According to some of the striking students, NBS TV was bribed to report the news that favours the administration so as to protect it’s image yet the recently introduced policies are not favourable at all. “These NBS TV has been reporting different things. What they report is contrary of what is happening on ground. If you watch NTV, you will see the difference. We have heard that they took bribes from Nawangwe and the state since they are state sponsored. It is disgusting.” A student who preferred anonymity told our reporter.

We have also landed on a screenshot of a conversation between a frustrated student and NBS reporter Canary Mugume criticising the kind of news the station is distributing to the masses.

Now the students have started a hash tag ( #BoycottNBS ) to show their disappointment in the media house.

By Press time, the media has been denied access to the University premises.

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