NATIONAL EXCLUSIVE: Money, Power and Greed Split Makerere University Guild Leadership

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One may wonder to why the MAK Guild house hasn’t passed the guild budget up to date yet the MAK guild constitution stipulates that it should be passed during the 2nd sitting of the GRC house which is yet to be done despite 3 consecutive Guild meetings that have been characterised with fights between the Guild speaker Ezra Byakutangaza and the Guild President Katterega Julius.

The beef between these two student leaders erupted when the Guild President declined an unspecified amount of money from the Guild speaker to approve Matovu Trevor the former ‘UYD’ chairperson as Finance Minister despite not having the minimum credentials to occupy the position. This later saw the appointment of Nsamba Patrick as Finance Minister.

It’s also alleged that the guild President and Matovu Trevor had Conieved to misinform the GRC and cabinet about the budget seal to be 260 millions opposed to the real budget seal which is 328millions

The firing of Matovu was the Genesis of conflict within the Guild leadership and hit epitome when the Guild speaker questioned the luxurious budget of the Guild during the budget debate a week ago.

The same issue was met with protest from cabinet which later saw the Speaker adjourning the meeting but cabinet defiantly carried on with meeting which was later presided over by the Prime Minister Obbo Emmanuel. This move angered the GRC house hence disruption of the sitting which later saw the call of a vote of no cofindence in the speaker on several grounds and also sought a temporary injunction restraining the speaker from exercising the duties of the office of the speaker from the Guild Tribunal which was successful.

Such fights at the Ivory tower have curtailed the normal running of Guild activities.

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