MUST student seeks 100M for Heart Surgery

Following the death of a fellow student Ikona Abraham, another student Nyinobugaiga Habiba, a second year medicine and surgery student is seeking 100M for a heart surgery

Habiba who was born with two heart valves instead of three for a normal person and this was realised about a decade ago thus going her first heart surgery in primary six in 2010.

Later in 2014 at her second surgery, it was discovered that she had remaned with only one valve and she was kept on medication as prescrbed by the doctor.

Her UGX 100M operation must be done as soon as possible but she has so-far collected only UGX 5M

And recently, this valve got complications and she was recommended to go to lndia for an operation which would cost her UGX 100M.

Because of thIS valve complication, she’s developing poor sight, general body weekness and sometimes affected with body swelling.

Her operation must be done as soon as possible but she has sofar collected UGX 5M

For any help, contact Habiba on +256 751666943 or Campus Cam Admin on +256 781878777

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