MUBS’s Lords hostel residents vow to vacate premises over stinking neighbourhood

This comes after futile efforts by the hostel management to get its neighbours to clean. The unhygienic situation is surely disturbing.

“Man, you can’t even invite a babe over she feels you are taking her into a ghetto yet we pay a lot of money.” responded a disgruntled third year resident called Timothy.

Residents claim the stench has sent them into a sex drought because it chases away their sures.

Our snoop went on to talk to a one, Anitah a second year student, “I was almost dumped by my boyfriend cause he thought it was my room that was stinking. I can’t come back here next semester.” She said.

However, the stench that has also affected Ocean Dinners restaurant greatly is believed to be originating from the building being constructed just opposite the Hostel.

These complaints come after MUBS hostels increased hostel fee last Semester.

We shall surely keep you updated as the story unfolds.

Written by

Patrick Odongo

"Progress Not Perfection"