MUBS student roasted for claiming that she pays OTT to UCC

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A popular MUBS tweep known as Malaika (@ugawoman01) has been seriously roasted by Ugandans on Twitter after she claimed that she pays the social media tax (OTT) to the Uganda Communication Commission (UCC).

Malaika and a group of other influencers were pushing the UCC hashtag after the organization announced the suspension of Urban Television’s ‘Sqoop on Sqoop program‘ hosted by Tina Fierce.

The tweet sparked all sorts of banter and criticism from the public as many mocked her for displaying lack of knowledge on how institutions run.

Malaika has now been at the receiving end of various mocking tweets, largely because she was among those that received money from Sheilah Gashumba and her boyfriend God’splan to push a hashtag that finally got Tina Fierce axed from her job.

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Check out some of the tweets below.

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