MUBS slayers drown in pork after thumping from Nkozi University

mubs students drown in pork at Nkozi

The Nakawa based soccer addicts lost their voices because of the fatty sumptuous pork ribs in Nkozi which they ate with excitement shortly after a heavy thumping from Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi football team in an epic University Football League encounter.

The guys from Nakawa munched “Nkozi pork” like they had never eaten. “Let’s enjoy before we go back to Nakawa to spend on KFC crunching serpents “remarked member of the fans club.

The dream meal came at a cheap price and in large quantities at the famous “Nnalongo Nkozi pork joint”

Clearly we all know now why MUBS was beaten shamelessly by the Nkozi martyrs on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. All their thoughts were on food


Patrick Odongo

"Progress Not Perfection"