MUBS principal, Galaxy FM boss and other top entrepreneurs to mentor MUBS students

innocent Nahabwe mubs
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Too many University students and others that have had questions about whether to go for corporate employment or become entrepreneurs after their school time.

This has often caused confusion but here is a chance to get enlightened by very prominent personnel in the respective diversions. Be it corporate or entrepreneurial knowledge these speakers have worked in the fields and are here to throw more light on the controversial topics.

Friday 11th October 2019, ‘Stories That Matter’ present the big debate with the theme Corporate employment vs entrepreneurship at ADB Building MUBS from 1.30 pm to 4.30 pm.

All students are invited as this is prepared to enhance your understanding of the two aspects.

The keynote speaker for the debate shall be Prof. Waswa Balunywa (PhD) Principal MUBS and Patron AISEC UGANDA while Galaxy FM Boss Dr. Nahabwe Innocent will be the chief panelist.

The lead panelist shall be;
Diana N. Ntamu
Director, Entrepreneurship and Incubation Centre MUBS

Choudry Daniel
CEO, Daniel Choudry Sales Institute

Nyakahuma F. Frank
CEO, Hedge Group, Secretary-General Uganda Marketers Society (AISEC ALUMNUS)

Tony O. Onying
Managing Partner, The Pineton Consults Africa LTD (AISEC ALUMNUS)

Dr Barbara O. Buyondo
Owner and Founder, Victorious Education Services

Ricky R. Thompson
Co-founder and Director, Safe Boda

Opolot L. Nicholas
Communication Specialist, Ministry of ICT.

Entrance is free.

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