MUBS lecturers set to go on strike over salary discrepancies

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Lecturers at the Nakawa-based Makerere University Business School have today announced they are laying down their tools due to salary discrepancies and will not return to class any time soon.

Under their umbrella body Makerere University Business School Academic Staff Association (MUBASA), their chairperson Brian Muyomba stated that despite meeting President Museveni over the matter in December last year, the matter has not been resolved.

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“MUBS has largely been peaceful and we (staff) have developed a culture of diplomacy and not striking and it should be clear that by the time we resolve to use such methods then it is the last resort. If closing down the university will solve the problem then so be it,” Brian Muyomba stated.

The lecturers state that this problem was supposed to be resolved by July this year, but all in vain.

They further state that they have continuously engaged stakeholders at the Ministry of the Education but their appeals have not been honored.

“When we went to the Ministry of Finance, we realised that our issue was indicated among the funding priorities. However, when the budget was released, we did not get any information,” Brian Mutomba stated.

In related news, Lecturers at public universities in Uganda have announced an industrial action effective June 4th, 2020 attributed to what they term unfair distribution of salary enhancement for the 2020/21 financial year.

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Under their umbrella body, the Forum for Academic Staff of Public Universities in Uganda (FASPU), they state that they will not return to work until the 50 billion shillings provided by the government is distributed proportionately.

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