MUBS freshers bring high school dating tactics to University

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When you talk about dating at campus, freshers may totally have no idea because it is totally a different environment at the University. Because of this, the approach also changes.

At campus, couples behave like married people, they don’t spend time hanging out in the school compound and licking ice cream like Kindergarten graduates.

However, for MUBS freshers, the approach they use is one we have since forgotten about. Yes, I mean what we all used to do in High School.

On Tuesday evening during an encounter between MUBS and Nkozi at the MUBS football pitch, our snoops captured two students exploiting the love they have for each other like newly weds.

The love birds were seated on a culvert as they got cosy with each other.

Well, we decided to give them the space they demanded and since the weather was cold, we hope they had a great time.

Our efforts to establish their names were still futile by press time

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Patrick Odongo

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