MUBS Fresher admitted in critical condition after being raped by a gang

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Friday was an extra ordinary day for the freshers of Nakawa based Makerere University Business School who were in jolly mood as they had fun at their Freshers’ Ball.

The ‘Nakupenda’ Freshers’ ball that was organised by the Students’ Guild attracted over 2000 revellers who had come to witness their stars performing live on stage.

However, one of the students did not have it all as a blast as she was raped by a gang of 5 yet to be identified people and left in a pool of blood only to be rescued and taken to hospital by her friends. “We were lucky to have found her before it was too late. The men (5) stripped her naked and started raping her one by one at the Freshers Ball. By the time we found her she was bleeding profusely and we had to rush her to the hospital – that is where she is at the moment.” Source narrated to our reporter.

It is not yet clear whether the gang was for students or outsiders but investigations are already on going to bring the culprits to book.

We shall keep you posted about this story

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