MUBS babe accused of raping and infecting male colleague with HIV

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Social media has been awash with the shocking revelations by a student at Makerere University Business School identified as Ronan Akantorana who claims that he was raped by a female colleague identified as Thelma Garim, who infected him with HIV.

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Ronan states that he was raped during one of his visits to the girl’s hostel while he was reportedly drunk and not in the right condition to freely make his own decisions.

It is reported that she even went ahead to record a video of him on the balcony after he was drugged.

He further revealed that a few days after the encounter, the girl notified him about her HIV positive status and advised him to start taking the Post Exposure Prophylaxis drug (PEP) that is used to suppress the spread of the virus shortly after one has been infected.

Ronan also stated that Thelma intimidated him by saying that he shouldn’t report the matter to the police because he visited her without being invited.

Ronan’s ordeal has caused a buzz on social media with many stating that justice should be served and the girl should be accountable for he actions.

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Campus Cam was however unable to verify Thelma’s HIV status by press time.

Check out the screenshots below.



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