MIU student finalist scientifically combing his way to Parliament

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In the wake of Covid19, the nation has embraced a less enthusiastic electoral season where candidates are posing scientific campaigns, door to door.

Adepo Francis, a Metropolitan International University (MIU) student has hit the field with utmost vibrancy, canvassing votes, door to door and man to man.

Mr. Adepo Francis, a former MIU guild president is contesting for Bugabula North constituency parliamentary seat in Kamuli district on Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) ticket.

He rivals other 7 contestants including NRM’s Teira John who defeated the incumbent Hon. Minister for Karamoja affairs, Moses Kizige in the NRM primaries.

While talking to Campus Cam, the 24-year-old MIU finalist promised to protect the business community that suffers high taxation, to fend off corruption and serve people equally irrespective of their tribes or political affiliations.

He also pledged to be an advocate for People with disabilities (PWDs) blinded by tokenism and as well combat land grabbing in Bugabula North.

“I present myself as the best candidate of those who have lost their land to land grabbers especially in Namasagali by the regime mafias who are as well sponsoring some candidates am contesting against,” he said.

Mr. Adepo also stated that Bugabula North has long been tried out by incompetent leaders who have been serving their own interests.

Therefore, he proudly asserted that he has come to break all these barriers and build a profound future for his constituency. Bon Chance comrade!

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Mayanja Edrine Isaac

Mayanja Edrine Isaac

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