#WCW Meet the sassy, sexy and melanin queen, ICY

Whether accidentally or intentionally, you have come across this African beauty. It could have been on twitter, on a WhatsApp status or even MTV Base. I know, right?

Sonia Anena, popularly known as Icy Sonie is a third-year student pursuing a Bachelors degree of Business Administration at Makerere University. She is famous for her dance videos, in which she presents a fierce and passionate lover and performer of the art. Sonia has been dancing ever since she was a little girl and she hopes to keep doing this till her lungs give out.

Sonia is a jolly, friendly and supportive young woman with an outgoing personality. She believes that women should be independent, outspoken, and have the ability to stand their ground. Besides dancing, Sonia loves doing makeup,  watching movies, and reading novels. She looks up to her parents and sisters because they are the most supportive and wonderful people in her life. Her role model is the Queen Bee, Beyonce Knowles. She says Bey is an amazing dancer and a pillar that women can do anything be successful. Sonia’s ideal man is tall,  honest, pay attention to the little details and above all, God-fearing.

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There you have it ladies and gentlemen, our #WCW, Icy Sonie.


Joy Akatukunda

I'm a passionate writer.