Meet Amponda Kenneth, a student from Kabale Eyeing the UCU Guild Presidential Office

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A week ago, Mukono-based Uganda Christian University officially opened the electoral process for new leaders who will be taking over from the current government headed by Mr. Timothy Kadaga Kivunike.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the university, therefore, resolved that the elections will be held online in an e-voting format so as to abide by the SOPs.

Among the candidates eyeing the biggest sit of the Guild President is a young man rising from the hills of Kabale called AGABA KENNETH AMPONDA who is a law student in his 3rd year at the University.

Ampnda is a very humble man and he says this is because he raised in an extended family where he was under close supervision by his grandparents.

Before joining the law school, Amponda studied at Kabale Universal Primary School from where he joined the secondary school to Mbarara High School after which he moved to Standard High Zzana for his UCE and finally Gombe Secondary School.

When asked about where he gets the motivation to stand for this post, Amponda says he has been driven by the willingness to serve which all started him being appointed a Residential Assistant in Nsibambi Hall in his Second-year first semester where he was later appointed a Residential Assistant in Honours College (Residence for performing students) and it was from there that he picked the momentum hence declaring interest in contesting

Amponda comes with a manifesto which he termed as the “7 Point Manifesto” that looks realistic and achievable.

In the manifesto, Amponda plans to carter for education where the university administration considers the impact of the online learning being used towards the students. He moves ahead to provide for effecting policy and decision-making where students’ decisions could be considered by the university administration before any decisions could be made.

What’s is more eye-catching in the aspect of finance is that he plans to give away 50% of the Guild allowances to help improve the guild fund which could help the needy students from accomplished payment of their tuition balance. The other points, in brief, is health, security and safety, social welfare, and co-curriculum activities.

Because of his Manifesto, Amponda believes he has the support from the students but is still seeking your support to come Monday 16th November when the voting will be going on through an online system.

Mr. Amponda is more remembered for riding on a bodaboda all the way from Kabale just to donate food to some of the students who had been stranded in hostels around Mukono which story we covered here.

We wish Amponda the best.

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