Mc Ollo and Posha Aloyo give Nilotes unforgettable experience at Nilotes Connection

The Nilotes connection is an event that celebrates Nilotes culture and tradition, from the food, to the drinks, music and entertainment.

The event happened at Legends rugby grounds and was attended by Nilotes tribes like the acholi, langi, Alur, itesots, Japadholas, Kjongs, Lugbaras, madi, and many more children of gipir and labongo

It featured entertainment from traditional dance groups headlines by celebrated Watmon group, a luo traditional dance troupe, Popular Nilotes artists like eddy whizzy, Dj Languna, Dj sparx, BSG Labongo, Tray Cee, Don de guy and so many more
Kwete, malakwang, boor and so many local foods were in place as Nilotes danced to their traditional songs like mak mukemi, yoh leng, ajolina we and so much more
The celebrations are expected to happen every year.

This event is inspired by the story of Gipir and Labong and was hosted by Nbstv’s MC Ollo also known as your favorite luo boy and Nxt Radios Posha Aloyo who’s also a luo girl.

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