Martha Kay: People who released my nudes wanted to kill me

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About 5 months ago, the internet was flooded with nude photos of former Uganda Christian University student and photographer.

Shortly after the nudes leaked, Martha Kay went into hiding to regather herself as she prepared for a massive comeback.

She recently returned a rejuvenated person ready to start her work from where she stopped but she narrated what she went through during this difficult time.

Days after he return, she was asked about the person who released her nude photos and she cofessed to have been in touch with the person behind the release of these nude photos before going further ahead to talk about how that particular person wanted to torture her till death. “This person kept on telling me that he would torture me physiologically until I die but I thank God that I was strong enough to survive. I took this as a lesson that there is more to life than problems. I wish my fellow girls would also learn from it.” She said during an interview.

Martha Kay’s first project after her return will be a role in the just released TV series Kyaddala, It’s real.

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