MAK’s 85th Guild Female Caucus to demonstrate over tuition increment policy

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Over the weekend, the 85th female caucus sat and dissected the commutative tuition increment policy that was passed a year ago by Papa Were Government.

According to the ladies, everyone should join them on Tuesday in their black attire to demonstrate over the unfair tuition policy. They have described this demonstration as mourning for the fallen institution.

The ladies argued that it does not require a calculator or logic to get to the total amount each student is meant to pay after the 5 years neither should it be hard for anyone to see that an average Ugandan will not be in position to bring their children at the mighty Ivory Tower if this increment policy is not revoked.

The caucus further went ahead to point at wealthy members that sat to pass this policy on having no clue of what mothers go through to raise the money they play as tuition. “Which of these members knows what it means to sell ‘kabalagala’ on the streets to raise just food for the children? Of those that sat to pass this policy, who knows what that single mother goes through to raise only 50,000 which now only equates to a surcharge for delayed tuition payment? Do they even know how many girls “sell” their bodies so as to complete campus? Do they?” The caucus chairperson said.

“Whom will you convince that these people that sat to draft this policy even know what it means to sleep on a hungry stomach because you have sent your child with not even a quarter of the tuition? Which right did they have to decide for a single mother who is struggling to see her child make it to school so the family can get at least one educated person? What right do they have? What do they know? Other than cramming the various number plates to the 5 cars they own, what else do they know?” She added.

It is from this background that the ladies of the 85th have risen up to show disgust and discontent towards the commutative tuition increment policy and in that regard they have called upon anyone that has watched tears of a mother as they struggle to join them on Tuesday 22nd October 2019 for a protest against this unthoughtful, selfish, inconsiderate and uncalled for tuition increment policy

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