Makerere University students take 15% Tuition Policy strike to Twitter

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For 4 days now, Makerere University students have been protesting against the 15% Tuition Policy but all has been in vain.

Today, the students have decided to change the battle strategy from ground marching to a twitter strike with the hashtags #FeesMustFall, and #FreeMyTuition. The hashtags are already trending.

The strike started as early as 3PM and has so far been on for 2 hours. The students have vowed to fight to death until the issue is addressed. “We are fighting for the cause of our future generations. Parents are seated at home watching and calling us Hooligans yet in real sense we are fighting for their own good. Our parliament is busy snoring just because their dense children are comfortably studying abroad,” a student told this website.

This comes after the military stormed the halls of residence at night, beat up and arrested suspected ring leaders of the recent strike. Many students have got big injuries and some need prayers for their life.

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