Makerere University Student Leadership Under ‘Mafia’ Capture – Suspended Guild Speaker Byakutanganza Ezra

The Suspended MAK Guild Speaker has come out with blazing guns and accused the Guild President of being under influence of external parties who are famously known as “the mafias” when it comes to making various decisions affecting the student body.

The so called “mafias” are known to influence the outcome of the Guild Presidential elections and are always willing to do anything to take up the leadership thereby tending to influence various guild activities like appointment of ministers, passing of the guild budget, and normally solicit for bribes from those who intend to serve as cabinet minister or influence the appointment of relatives or partners since most of them are non students and ineligible to take up such posts.

They are gifted with vast experience of the university Politics since most of them have been around campus for a period of not less than 10 years.

One of student leaders who preferred to remain anonymous told Campus Cam that there is a group of individuals who funded the campaign of the Guild president and are hoping to have a share of the guild budget which Ezra rejected.

He went ahead to tell us that “it’s an abuse of our democracy when someone who isn’t democratically elected executes the duties of a duly elected Guild President, they have the power to appoint and fire ministers.”

Another member of cabinet also told us “Katterega has outsourced his powers to the mafias”

When asked about his planned impeachment the speaker had this to say “And when you look through, you realize the same people who snatched power from Mwotta are the very ones behind this.”

It should be remembered that Bazil Mwotta was declared winner of the 2016 guild election which was overturned by the Guild tribunal and ordered for a fresh election that was won by his close opponent Ssemboga Roy.

H.E Katterega Julius(L) and RT.Hon Ezra Byakutanganza.

Ezra was issued with an injunction restraining him from exercising the duties of the office of The Guild speaker as the tribunal further investigates the allegations brought against him by various members of the Guild cabinet but has vowed to fight on to protect the student leadership from “Greedy Hungry men continuously to deprive the Grc of its Autonomy shame on you.”

State capture describes a form of corruption in which businesses and politicians conspire to influence a country’s decision-making process to advance their own interests. As most democracies have laws to make sure this does not happen, state capture also involves weakening those laws, and neutralising any agencies that enforce them.

Our efforts to get comments from the Guild President were futile by press time as he is outside the country for official duties.