Makerere University ‘Metallic suitcase’ fresher Ssubi Henry dethroned as Mr. Fresher after a 2 month reign

About 2 months ago, ‘metallic suitcase’ fresher Ssubi Henry was crowned as Mr. Fresher by the Makerere University Guild leadership.

However, it came as a suprise when he was dethroned by a one Walter over the weekend.

mr and mrs pulse fresher
Miss. Pulse Fresher Sarah Ndagano and Mr. Pulse Fresher after being crowned

Walter together with Sarah Ndagano were crowned Mr. and Mrs. Pulse Fresher respectively by Kusiima Bronnie Devine the reigning Miss MTN Pulse at an event held at the Freedom Square.

Our efforts to reach Ssubi Henry were futile but we managed to talk to one of his friends who said, “He was crowned out of the blue. Maybe it was a PR stunt by the Guild President and his cabinet. He won’t be hurt because all he cares about is a good life which he currently has. So Walter is the official and it is fine.” a one Mark told our snoop.

The same event doubled as the Freshers Ball and was powered by MTN Uganda.


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