Makerere University administration set to close swimming pool over tragedies

makerere University student drowns
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Makerere university top officials are deeply puzzled by the university pool that continues to claim lives of students despite upgrades in security and facilities. Nearly every year, there is an incident of death recorded at the pool and this trend has continued into 2019 by claiming the life of a Rwandese student identified as Uwimpuhwe James. Prior to this, the pool had undergone security upgrades such as increasing wall height by one meter and installing razor wire to prevent illegal entry.

It now comes as a shock that despite enhancements in security, a professional swimmer lost their life under the watch of authorities. In a statement by the Makerere University vice-chancellor Prof. Nawangwe, the pool management states that he was given medical assistance following the incident. It’s very unfortunate and raises many questions about how the young man died despite the presence of authorities and other swimmers.

Because of this, our snoop has learnt that the administration is now planning on closing the swimming pool over the tragedies.

Previous swimming pool tragedies have been associated with incidents that occurred after students gained unauthorised access to the pool during prohibited hours either alone or in solidarity groups such as hall. Some others usually got into the pool at night while drunk after parties at their halls, with a swim in the pool meant to mark the end of celebrations.

In 2018, a first year student of Nsibirwa hall drowned after he and other students climbed over the pool fence at 6am on a Saturday morning and went on to swim without supervision following a morning jogging exercise. It had previously been a hall custom for students to climb over the fence after the solidarity morning joggings and in the wee hours of the night in what was famously called ‘Midnight swimming’. This prompted the administration to deploy guards at night, increase the height of the pool perimeter wall by a meter, and install razor wire which ended illegal access and swept away hall culture. The tragedies were associated with people that did not know how to swim.

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