Makerere tuition policy dialogue meeting rocked by chaos as police intervene

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The dialogue meeting between Makerere University administration and Guild leadership has not yielded fruitful results, prompting the students to declare a continuation of their protests. The meeting started with the guild president re-emphasizing the conditions that should be met prior to the dialogue. This included a fifth condition requiring the compensation of property that students lost as well as medical costs for those injured during the previous week.

The university administration led by the acting Vice-Chancellor stated their perspective of the situation and mentioned that the meeting was merely a consultative one, as they prepare for one with the university council. This angered the student leaders who expected the meeting to yield resolutions such as the reinstatement of suspended students, and not lengthy explanations about procedures.

A section of students then turned rowdy, raising their voices which prompted the intervention of the police who were outside. A standoff ensued as they attempted to block the police from entering the senior common room but they were overpowered, leaving some GRCs to flee through windows.

The meeting yielded no resolutions, and the Makerere University administrations stated that there will be no changes to the current tuition policy. The student leadership, however, vowed to continue with the demonstrations until their issues are addressed.

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