Makerere Law Society demands probe into death of Emmanuel Tegu

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The Makerere University Law Society has condemned the murder of a Makerere university student, Emmanuel Tegu, and demanded speedy investigations together with a report on the circumstances surrounding his brutal death.

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Despite reports from the public that Emmanuel succumbed to multiple organ failure after being beaten LDU officers, Police have stuck to the narrative that he was beaten by a mob.

In a statement issued Monday, the Makerere Law Society has said the acts of brutality leading to Tegu’s death “were not only criminal but were also executed with grave disregard for humanity and the rule of law”.

“The violence with which these acts were executed shows the extent to which the respect for the rule of law and con􀃝dence in state action has greatly declined,” the statement adds.

This contravenes Article 24 of the Constitution of Uganda which guarantees freedom from torture and inhumane or degrading treatment, the Society said.

As such, the Makerere Law Society has called for full and speedy investigations in the incident and for a report to be issued.

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They also want perpetrators held fully accountable and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

We shall keep you informed about further developments from this story.

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