MAK Reinstates Obed Jalmeon After A Long Spell Of Suspension

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Obed is a Makerere University student attached to Mitchell hall. He is a poet whose rhymatic words could change the devil’s soul. If he was a preacher, there would be no pagans or atheists. Though everyone has imperfections, obed tried to be an angel. But his weakness was that he could not stand evil, these two were parallel. He criticized the university’s acts which included corruption, a cancer that is eating up the Ivory Tower.

Obed spearheaded a revolt which was commonly known as “FEES MUST FALL”. This revolt was due to the 15% fees increment which forced many of Makerere students who could not withstand the weight of tuition to drop out.

Obed during the strike days

As usual, it was a movement that engaged almost all students of the gallant Makerere University but Obed over shadowed everyone due to his love for activism. He matched in a battle dressed in confidence and anger as his weapon but things went South and there came his fall.

Obed at FDC HQ

Because of this, On the 7th August 2018, Obed was suspended from the University. He carried the weight of the cross of many helpless souls and in an effort to save himself, his cries fell on the authorities’ deaf ear.

However, after a number of attempts to have him reinstated, it finally paid off on 3rd September and it is a jubilation at the Ivory Tower.

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