Mak ‘Metallic Suitcase’ Fresher Gifted With iPhone. Slay Queens Storm His Inboxes Soon After Joining Social Media

The cloud’s silver lining for once ridiculed,now social media sensation seems to be limitless.

MAK’s Subbi was gifted an Iphone7 by a good Samaritan just like he was gifted with free meals for a full semester and a scholarship to study his dream course at the ivory tower.

Ssubi’s Twitter account

You can follow him via @SuubiHenryK on twitter and he is on Facebook as Ssubi Henry Kiyimba
Where as expected he is appreciative with utmost humility.
As shameless slay queens eye on to scavenge the now famous mechanical engineer to be.

Ssubi’s facebook profile

The rise to stardom continues, and atleast we get to forget about Fresh daddy’s music now.


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