MAK Guild female caucus blames poor students’ enrolment on unfair tuition policy

Makerere University ranked 5th best in Africa
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The Makerere University 85th guild female caucus declared full support for the planned strike on 22nd October against the 15% tuition increment policy that they term unfair.

They pointed out the high fees and surcharges as a key reason as to why students are beginning to shun Makerere University in favour of other institutions.

The university had to advertise twice for the academic year 2019/2020 to hit the target of admitted students which was not met even after the second round – Chairperson MAK Guild female caucus.

According to the caucus, it is the reason the university made a second call for applications after failing to attract the targeted number of students on many of their programs.

This is not usually done by universities as a single call for applications is usually enough. The new tuition policy has made the university tuition fees very high and led to many students’ dropout after failure to raise tuition.

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