Mabirizi petitions Makerere claiming Bobi Wine was irregularly admitted

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Lawyer Male Mabirizi has petitioned Makerere University to avail its policy on Mature Age Entry scheme for the year 2000, a period in which NUP Presidential candidate Bobi Wine was admitted.

Mabirizi seeks to use the policy against Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi, aka Bobi Wine, in a court case involving fraud.

“I am pursuing this criminality up to the tail end to which I am requesting you for the University Policy on the mature-age entry of the year 2000 so that I can use it to institute criminal proceedings against Kyagulanyi,” Mabirizi mentioned.

Mabirizi says he wonders how Kyagulanyi, then aged only 20, was able to gain admission to the Diploma in Music Dance on the Mature Age Entry Scheme yet it is publicly known that the scheme is meant for individuals aged 25 and above.

“Upon going through his documents, I discovered that born on February 12, 1980, the student sat and passed University mature entry examinations held on March 3, 2000, for entry into the course of Diploma in Music Dance and Drama on which basis he was admitted,” he said.

He argues that Kyagulanyi committed several offences including fraud when he obtained a government sponsorship based on mature age entry for which he was ineligible.

This isn’t the first time Male Mabirizi had questioned Hon. Kyagulanyi’s academic credentials.

Earlier this year, Mabirizi, petitioned the Electoral Commission demanding to see Kyagulanyi’s academic papers and seeking a caveat against his nomination.

We shall keep you posted.

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