LDC disqualifies 50 students for dodging online classes

LDC gate

The Law Development Centre (LDC) Mbarara Campus has disqualified over 50 students for failing to attend online classes which were introduced during the COVID-19 lockdown.

In a letter from the Academic Registrar, the administration asked the disqualified students to apply to repeat next year.

The students who were disqualified were offering a Post Graduate Bar Course.

“As you are aware, rule 4(16) provides that, “A student who fails to meet attendance requirements in any teaching week of a term fails the term and shall not be allowed to undertake any assessment in the term including examinations nor to progress to the next term.” In accordance with this rule, you will not progress to the next term for Clerkship,” the letter reads in part.

The Registrar pointed out that the decision to suspend the students was reached upon during a board of examiners meeting on November 4, 2020.

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LDC asked the disqualified students to apply to repeat next year but according to Achan Olanya, one of the disqualified students, the decision is unfair and says that they are going to appeal against it.