Kyambogo University VC meets GRCs and Ministers over Tundulu impeachment chaos

Kyambogo University guild president

With the uncertainty on whether or not Tundulu Jonathan is still the Guild President of Kyambogo University, after his appeal against the vote of no confidence, and further after the vice chancellor of the university Prof. Eli Katunguka said that the University did not have the funds required to carry out a by-election, the lights seemed unclear as all camps seemed unsure of their victory or loss.

Later that week, the dismissal of particular ministers was implemented by Hon. Tundulu Jonathan via social media as he released a letter of dismissal against them. Clearly he counted the announcement as an obvious victory as there seemed no way for the impeachment process to continue.

On Thursday afternoon, the vice chancellor together with the Dean of students, Mrs. Mildred Tibananuka met the entire Guild Representative Council to discuss mainly the issue of the vote of no confidence.

These GRCS have been on the run lately as a section of the Tundulu supporters have been carrying out man-hunts in order to beat them for their decision to impeach their Guild President.

During the said meeting, article 10 clause 3A(d), (e) and (f) of the Kyambogo University constitution which clarifies on the appeal after impeachment of a guild president was interpreted. The vice chancellor finally cleared the issues saying that the vote of no confidence was only against the guild president and all ministers and GRCS still hold their positions in the 16th Guild House despite Hon. Tundulu Jonathan’s very public letter dismissing some of his cabinet ministers for misuse and abuse of office.

Prof. Katunguka said the GRCS and ministers under the guidance of the Dean of students still hold their positions and that the university hasn’t fallen short of student representation.

As the dust seems to settle, the question of whether Hon. Tundulu still holds his position or powers still remain unanswered.


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