Kyambogo University too broke to hold re-election – Vice Chancellor

Kyambogo University guild president
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A man shall only see the nakedness of his scars once the dust on the battle field settles.

Following his impeachment, Hon Tundulu Jonathan turned in an appeal against the decision, forcing a referendum and rendering his impeachment incomplete.

In response to his appeal, Kyambogo University’s Vice Chancellor Professor Eli Katunguka announced over the weekend that the University could not afford a re election.

However, according the Constitution, if a Guild President is impeached, then elections have to be held to replace him. This requires a tune of 180,000,000 UGX which the University had not budgeted for.

It is should be noted that it is said that Professor Katunguku connived with the GRC’s to impeach the Hon. Tundulu Jonathan

In conclusion, the fate of Kyambogo’s students’ Guild Presidency is henceforth to be decided by University management and council, according to Professor Eli Katunguku.

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