Kyambogo University students’ property stolen from hostels during lockdown

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Campus Cam has learned of the unfortunate news that property belonging to students at Kyambogo University is being stolen from their hostel rooms while they are away following the closure of learning institutions.

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The theft has been reported at Bavana hostel where a student reported that his room was swept clean with all his belongings such as electronics and beddings taken by thugs.

“I decided to go to my hostel today to check on my room and my property. To my shock, I found my room-door half way bolted and the padlock wasn’t there. Most of my property was stolen. I’m very depressed now, how I’m I going to recover all these items that I’ve lost”

The victim narrated

This ordeal is similar to that encountered by colleagues at the Makerere University Business School who reported that they found property missing from their hostel rooms after visiting a few weeks ago.

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As was the case with Betsam hostel, the custodian of Bavana denied knowledge of the theft, stating that they weren’t responsible for the stolen property.

Check out the pictures below from the room. We shall keep you posted.

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