Kyambogo University students in Cholera fear. Washrooms in a sorry state

kyambogo University poor sanitation
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It is said that the one place your visitor will know your true nature is not in your sitting room nor in your bedroom but in your washrooms.

Basing upon this saying, atleast we can now assume where the social reputation of Kyambogo University began.

Taking into consideration all cards on the table, Kyambogo University is going through a major infrastructural growth, firstly with the new Central Teaching Facility, and two other architecturally upright buildings along side it. These facilities have been proven to be state of the art. Their spacious room, very comfortable ‘pottie’ like seats and modern sanitary facilities have proven them to be one of a kind within the institution. However, this all doesn’t excuse the fact that some of the older toilets have been ignored, even when students pay a maintenance fee every semester.

On the 23rd of September, a letter was addressed from the to the administration of the University addressing the student’s problems. Among the endless list was the complaint of miserable sanitation facilities in the University.

For over four years and under 5 guild cabinets, this problem has been past on from generation to generation like a relay stick. The cleaning personnel have grown tired and sick as the toilets are deplorable such that even cleaning them seems to yield nothing except a tortured nose and inevitable nausea.

The washrooms at the University are in a very sorry state

Putting aside the flawlessly uniform stench that dominates all the sanitary facilities, the recently renovated RAC building’s toilets, which seemed to provide hope for the eager students turned into quite the Quagmire as the milk white walls slowly turned blackish blue with flies resulting into it’s slow abundonment as students have opted to travel back to hostels just to relieve themselves.

In the lands department, though cleverly tiled to hide its shame, the poor toilet facilities in the have constantly over pouring water that manages to effectively flood the facilities every single day without fail. The only positive outcome from this is that National Water and Sewerage Cooperation (NWSC) can pride itself in effecient water supply to the Banda area.

The creative jokes of fate further seem boundless as the Agriculture department where there is no differentiating between the ladies and gentlemen’s toilet.

It is a shock that no cholera outbreak has taken place as yet as several sanitary facilities both at halls and faculties lack a washing station as most of them are broken or merely non existent.

Though a meeting was called upon by the guild inviting the administration to address these problems, it was however called to a halt by the then Hon. Tundulu Jonathan due to an unknown agenda, and then further postponed due to the current cabinet wars.

In conclusion, Unknown is the cruel fate of Kyambogo University washrooms

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