Kyambogo University student murdered, leaves 3-week-old baby

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Janat Agayo and her new boyfriend had a misunderstanding which the Police suspect could have led to her murder

Police in Kampala is investigating circumstances under which 23-year-old Janat Agayo, a student at Kyambogo University, was murdered, leaving her body locked up in a house.

The deceased had given birth three weeks before and had abandoned her baby at Justin Opedun’s (the child’s father) home before she allegedly moved in with Godfrey Onongo, another man she was dating.

According to a statement issued by Luke Owoyesigyire, the Kampala Metropolitan Police deputy spokesperson, on Sunday, Agayo and Onongo had a misunderstanding, which the Police suspect could have led to her murder.

“It is alleged that Agayo has been dating the two men at the same time, and it is believed that the baby belongs to Opedun,” the Police said in a statement.

After Agayo had abandoned the child at Opedun’s house, he went to Kinawataka Police Station and opened up a case of child desertion under vide Kinawataka SD ref 33/11/10/19.

According to Police, Onongo, the suspect, is believed to have sent a text message to one of Agayo’s sisters, informing her that the body was locked in his house.

“Relevant statements were recorded from witnesses, such as Agayo’s sister, neighbours of Onongo and other witnesses,” the Police said.

According to the Police, Onongo is currently being detained at Kachumbala Police Station in Bukedea, awaiting transfer to Kampala.

Onongo had fled to Bukedea, after committing the alleged offence.


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