Kyambogo University Shooting: Deceased was reportedly shot inside the hostel

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On Sunday morning, we woke up to bad news of the death a one Dolibert Atwesigye, a student at Makerere University and employee at NWSC who succumbed to live bullets.

It was reported that the deceased was shot at the gate of Kabojja Hostel after he tried to force his way into the hostel.

However, the latest information on our news desk indicates that Dolibert was already inside the hostel when he got shot by the private security guard.

Our snoop managed to land on screenshots of one of the residents of the hostel who testified on carrying the Dolibert out of hostel shortly before his death.

Well, it looks like there is a lot yet to be outed about this murder. As seen in the photos above.

We shall keep you posted.

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