Kyambogo University Guild President to face a vote of no confidence after his bloody week strike flops

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Following the growing tension among students of Kyambogo University over the “12 weeks’ policy” said to be enacted this semester, there has been a number of events that have sprout over the period of mental anarchy.

From the 26th of September the growing tensions turned more and more visible as the guild grew to implode within itself as a group of Guild Cabinet ministers set out to release a vote of no confidence against the standing Guild President, Mr. Tundulu Jonathan come Wednesday.

According to the constantly circulated letter online that was addressed to the Guild Speaker, Mr. Tundulu Jonathan had been found to foster an atmosphere of hostility, retaliation, and unethical behavior.

The letter that has been circulating

It continues to state that he had established a pattern and practice of inequitable treatment of Guild leaders. The Guild cabinet was sure as to point out in the letter, important meetings he had avoided in exchange for a press conference, breaching the constitution, mismanagement of Guild funds, misuse of office, disrespecting the GRC house and the office of the speaker plus many other things. He was then via the letter, given an ultimatum of seven days to resign.

Merely a day from the release of the letter to the public, Mr. Tundulu Jonathan demanded for some of the Guild Cabinet Ministers’ accountability reports, following rumors of embezzlement of funds and reports of bribery in order to start off what looked like a coup to out him by the vice Guild President.

When the news of impeachment landed in his ears, he staged a strike campaign against the institution dubbed ‘Bloody Week’ which flopped massively. The other members of Cabinet launched a peaceful demostration dubbed, ‘Holy Week’.

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