Kyambogo Guild President rejects planned internship program, calls for revision of calendar

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The Kyambogo University Guild President Jonathan Tundulu has called for the revision of the institution’s planned internship program.

Jonathan cited the abrupt nature in which it was communicated and the failure to consider the prevailing coronavirus situation.

“Many students are unaware of the internship program which was communicated last week,” he stated.

He argues that letting students go for internships at this point would likely expose them to the highly contagious virus.

Furthermore, he revealed that job cuts and restructuring among organisations are likely to limit students’ abilities to obtain internship places.

The Guild President advised the university administration to revise the timeline while putting COVID-19 restrictions into consideration.

He also urged the university to communicate the reopening guidelines well in advance so students can adequately prepare to return to class.

Check out the statement below.

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