Kyambogo Guild aspirants accuse the Electoral Commission of conspiring to rig elections

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A section of students at Kyambogo University together with a number of Guild presidential aspirants has accused the members of the guild electoral commission of being biased and planning to rig the forthcoming elections in favour of particular candidates.

This comes after reports indicated that Axam Sembatya, the Chairperson of the guild electoral commission, together with other commissioners, is allegedly campaigning for People Power candidates in the Guild Representative Council positions together with the people power guild presidential candidate. This did not go down well with their opponents who are now very bitter.

Screenshots circulated through various WhatsApp groups showing Mr. Axam Sembatya sharing campaign propaganda for a one Tendo Nakabuye, a People Power leaning candidate.

Axam Sembatya denied these accusations stating that candidates are simply using them to gain political capital and tarnish the electoral commission image. He vowed to conduct free and fair elections given that it is his mandate.

Guiild elections at Kyambogo University were halted following the closure of learning institutions across the country due to the coronavirus. The election date is not known.

We shall keep you posted.


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