Kateregga Julius sets tough conditions for tuition policy ‘Peace talks’

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The Makerere University Guild president Julius Kateregga has made it clear that the round table discussions organized by the university administration will not proceed unless specific conditions are met. The guild president was arrested together with the guild speaker and numerous other students in the first week of protests against the 15% cumulative tuition increment. He clearly defined the conditions as stated below through his social media channels.

1.      Reinstatement of all students who were unfairly suspended during the peaceful demonstration.
2.      Revocation of all warning letters.
3.      Mr. Murangira Gordon and Prof. Hisaali Elias stay away from the engagement.
4.      Management has over time evidenced that it does not have jurisdiction over the tuition policy, and that it is the mandate of the University council. Thus, the University Council must confirm its presence at the engagement in writing.

Kateregga Julius with his supporters during the previous guild campaigns

He further warned that the peaceful demonstrations would continue on Monday 28th October 2019 as an expression of dissatisfaction with the status quo of events.

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