JUST IN: Tribunal Succumbs To Pressure From GRCs. Decision Leaves MAK Guild President Katterega Julius In Fear

The Guild President of Makerere who is out of Office for official duties in Ethiopia is in Panic after the Guild Tribunal which is the student Judicial body succumbed to pressure from the Guild Representative Council(GRC) and other objective student leaders and dismissed the petition brought against the speaker.

The GRC forced the speaker bounce back on grounds that it wasn’t fit enough to be tabled to the tribunal.

H.E Katterega Julius(L) and RT.Hon Ezra Byakutanganza.

This petition was tabled after the Guild President disagreed with the speaker over the Guild budget. This was after the Speaker opposed an increment on the presidential budget something which rubbed the President the wrong way hence taking advice of the “mafias”.

A petition was tabled before a biased Tribunal that had one of the petitioners double as the chairperson of the Tribunal, Luyomba Abbas who is also the Minister of Justice of the Guild cabinet.

The Proceedings were later held exparte i.e in the absence of the respondent who was the speaker but it did not pay off.

Speaking to an excited speaker he had this to say “Mafiarism shall not take precedence in my regime No kind words for them let them be informed I will take them on to the end God being my helper they shall not fail me.” He told the Campus Cam sniper

We shall keep you posted about this war at the Ivory Tower.


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