JUST IN: MAK GRC House Quashes The Guild Tribunal Decision. Rt.Hon Byakutangaza Ezra Bounces Back As Guild Speaker

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In the Guild seating held on 21st August 2019, the Guild house voted to quash the decision of the Guild tribunal on grounds of unfairness and bias since the Petitioner Luyomba Abbas who happens to be the Minister of Justice in cabinet was the one who appointed the tribunal to hear the matter brought against the speaker.

It was also noted that one of the tribunal members, Ruhaya Churchill earlier on had a case against the speaker in the previous tribunal as stated by Gerald Tunywane the GRC Lumumba hall.

The Security Minster Hon.Tyson however urged that the Guild President and Speaker should set their differences aside and serve the student body without fear or favour.

The issue whether to uphold or dismiss the decision of the Guild tribunal was put to the a vote. 23 members voted to dismiss which granted back Hon.Ezra Byakutangaza his powers of guild speaker.

When the campus cam sniper reached out to the speaker to have a say on the victory, he said, “They brought war to my compound and am now taking it to there bedrooms, non elected leaders and non student should not continue influencing student activities in order to advance their personal interests.” “A leader who outsources his powers and uses institutions for person interest is incapable and a constitutional delinquent.” He concluded.

It should be remembered that the speaker was issued with an interim injunction by the Guild Tribunal asking him to step aside as investigation went on following charges brought against him by the Cabinet and leader of Opposition.

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